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Skates or shoes?

me and my friends loves to dance. we can dance great. everyone loves to see us dance. should we dance in shoes or skate (something like roller skates).shoes or skates?

Skates or shoes?

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Cost of ice skates?

I found that on skates cost $20-$30. Are these good quality skates? Good beginner%26#039;s skates? Are all skates sizes the same (would I be able to try on a pair of rental skates and buy the same size)?

Cost of ice skates?
A decent quality pair of skates costs around $100 for a beginner. You can buy the less expensive skates, but they will break down quickly, so you will have to buy a new pair sooner than if you bought a quality skates. Each brand of skates varies in size so no you can%26#039;t go to the rink and try on a pair of rental skates and know what size to order. I do not suggest that you buy skates online because ordering the right size is very hard because of how different every brand of skate runs. I would suggest that you go to your local sporting goods store or pro shop to get sized for a specific pair of skates.
Reply:DON%26#039;T SHOP ON AMAZON! You%26#039;ll never know what you%26#039;ll get. Go to a real sports store and ask someone there or go on a Ice Skating website. OR buy ice skates at the sports store so you%26#039;ll know which one is right for you!
Reply:buying skates on is usually not a good idea. they don%26#039;t sound like good quality skates, and you would probably be better off with (good) rentals. most good beginner%26#039;s skates are $50 and up. that sounds really expensive at first, but if you get bad skates, it can hold you back and you can develop bad habits. then you would end up paying what you saved for more lessons to correct those habits.

not all skate sizes are the same. they vary from brand to brand. you might want to go to your local skate shop and have them measure your feet and figure out what skates would be best for you. also, if you buy your skates from a skate shop, you can try them on before you buy them (which is a big plus if the measuring scale is wrong!). Jackson, Riedell, Harlick, SP Teri, and Graf are some good brands of skates. (there are others, but I can%26#039;t remember them at the moment).

hope this helps and good luck!
Reply:Well if you are a begginer and they dont have a straight toe pick then you are ok!!!!!!! Ussaly up class skates cost about 500-900$ but those are for girls that have been skating for a long time!!!!!!! No do not try on rental skates to size your feet because skates come in different types of style like:

1. Jackson Ultimas

2. Ridell

And more so if you have a skinny foot then get ridells and if you have a wide foot get Jacksons!!!!!! Also you can get diffrent types of blades to iss you are more of a jumps girl get Mk if you are jumps and spins get Proteg%26#039;e!!!!!!
Reply:Sure, for a beginner, and your feet will probably grow, so you don%26#039;t need to get really good ones yet, But, once you get past Basic 8, you are going to need some better, ones. I would suggest the brand Riedell if you get past basic.
Reply:no they r definitely not. 2 find good skates for u, go 2 the skates guy at the pro shop at ur local rink.
Reply:Q: Are these good quality skates? Good beginner%26#039;s skates?

A: I searched Amazon for %26quot;Ice Skates%26quot; and checked out the models below $30. The ones I reviewed were not good quality skates for skaters of any level. The boots have no support and the blades are low-quality metal that has a very flat profile and requires frequent resharpening.

Good beginner skates cost about $50-70 and most pro shops HAVE skates in that price range. Plus, they sharpen them for free when you buy them, and will make adjustments if you get blisters or have alignment problems.Go to a pro shop and try on some skates.

Q: Are all skates sizes the same?

A: Not all skates are sized the same. Riedell brand skates run narrow, and Jackson brand skates are wider. Most of the skates that came up on Amazon were not well-known brands, so I don%26#039;t think they%26#039;d be sized the same at all. Basically, it%26#039;s a roll of the dice - you have to try on to be sure.

Q: Would I be able to try on a pair of rental skates and buy the same size?

A: If the rentals are the same brand as the skates you%26#039;re buying, it%26#039;s possible that the size would be the same. If they%26#039;re different brands, the answer is probably %26#039;no.%26#039;

Of course, you%26#039;re assuming that the rental skates are the right size. Many people rent skates that are too big or the wrong size for their feet. Often, it%26#039;s because the skates are too NARROW for their feet or because the rental place doesn%26#039;t have half-sizes. So, they rent skates a size larger, tie them as loosely as possible, and wonder why skating%26#039;s so hard. LOL

If the rentals are hard plastic and the ones you%26#039;re planning to buy are vinyl or leather, the sizing is completely different.
Reply:well- if u are just starting then it should be between 10-40 bucks. otherwise its usually about $500 for each boot and $300 for each blade ( thats at a really good price)
Reply:They are really good beginner skates, considering how professional figure skates cost hundreds of dollars.

But maybe they%26#039;re maybe not the best quality. They should be ok for a while though if your not going to be skating that much and depending on the skating skills you do... Until the time comes that you do those type of skates should be good.

I think all skates sizes are the same (one size lower than your shoe size) but you should make sure.
Reply:NO! They are AWFUL! They will be cheap cheap cheap quality! A beginner skate would be around $100! My skates cost $400 and they are good qulatity.
Reply:I have the Jackson Glacier%26#039;s. They are a beginner skate and they%26#039;re great! I got them on Amazon for $40.00. Definitely check into them, they%26#039;re very comfy! Oh yes, and I wear a size 8 shoe and I got a size 8 skate and they fit great.

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Which inline skates do you prefer?

I had a pair of Bauer inline hockey skates, but they are a little too much for my skating needs. I just need a lightweight skate, soft or hard doesn%26#039;t concern me. Also, the ability to quickly strap them on would help too, it used to take me about 15 mins to lace up the hockey skates.

Which inline skates do you prefer?
Hockey skates are great for hockey, and I would recommend that you stay with them if you are going to be playing hockey.

It sounds like you are not doing that. If you are using them to get around or skate on trails or streets, you probably want recreational skates.

The two major companies making rec skates are Rollerblade and K2. Try on all the skates you can in your price range. They fit differently between brands and between models within a brand.

Some of their models come with speed laces that are very fast to put on and take off.

Ignore Emma%26#039;s comment, about the same time you asked your question, she asked %26quot;I want to start inline skatin and i want 2 no if these are good skates?%26quot; about the skates she is saying are what you need.
Reply:hey, these skates are a good skate for your needs and what you want . on some sites the same ones for like £160 these are a bargin and really good to thanks hope i helped .

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Whats the best skates for me?

Im 15 and im starting ice hockey, i need skates that will last me for a long time (no $ to replace) they also need to be not just durable but good enough quality in every aspect of the skate, they dont have to be great just good and suitable for highschool hockey, what is the best skate for me for the best price? not cheapest but, what skate will give me the most productivity for the cost of the skate?

Whats the best skates for me?
For pads I%26#039;d recommend CCM 6.0 or 8.0. They offer really good protection without breaking the bank and they hold up faily well. CCM elbows seem to offer much better protection that there competitors.

Skates is a funny thing. A lot has to do with how they feel to you. For my Bauer is the only vendor that makes a boot with enough in the toe to fit. (Flintstone feet) CCM offers wide boots overall in the E or EE but the boot as a whole does not work for me.

I%26#039;d recommend going to a decent shop and getting measured and trying on the appropriate skate from both Bauer and CCM to see which feel right for you.

Gloves: I really like CCM gloves. But I%26#039;d say try a bunch on see how they feel. Out of most of the people I play with only a few have the same gloves.

Helmet: if you don%26#039;t have a giant head like me you should try on several types to see how they feel on your head. If you need a XL helmet you will be stuck with the high end Reebok or CCM though XL CCM helmets are even harder to find these days.

Stick: you did not ask about sticks but here is my 2 cents anyway. General rule standing on shoes is when holding the stick paralell to your body blade on the ground the stick handle should be around the tip of your nose. This is general for starting out. As you progress and choose forward or defense you will go with a shorter or longer stick. Shorter for forwards for better control. Longer for defense to increase your reach.

The blade of the stick is personal preference. A blade that works wonders for one guy will be absolute garbage for another. This took me a while to learn. I bought several stick when first starting and just could not stick handle well till I found a blade with the proper angle and curve for me. This can make a big difference in your game.
Reply:gloves: MIA or TPS

stick: Warrior or Nike/Bauer one90

skates: rbk 5k pump white

helmet: rbk or bauer
Reply:Preds...thats a tough question. Go to several pro shops and get help from the experts. You must talk to them and try a lot of different equipment on for your sake. You have to try equip on to see what fits and how comfortable and to make sure it offers the most protection. Comfort, fit, safety, price all matter. BUT YOU MUST GO IN! NObody can tell you in this matter what is best for you. Happy shopping..
Reply:Sorry Bud, but hockey is a sport that you have to start when your 3 to 7, or your way behind. So, I don%26#039;t know if hockey is the right sport of a beginner at the age of 15.
Reply:I used to be a fan of Bauer, but apparently the quality has gone down hill since Nike bought them (which doesn%26#039;t surprise me). I%26#039;ve heard that CCM is still good.
Reply:easton synergies get a high end model where you can change the steal out easily if needed
Reply:shoulder pads: ccm 8.0 or 10.0 lots of protection without losing your ability to move alot

shin pads: any 2 piece kind... flexible knee. even though most have it now.

gloves: the best gloves i%26#039;ve used so far are either the warrior super mac daddys or ccm 10.0... both feel like you%26#039;re just holding the stick without gloves on.. and protects the wrist

helmet: mostly personal preference... but i%26#039;ve got a rbk 8.0 helmet.. looking forward to buying a ccm 10.0

elbow pads: anything but a very low priced pair that won%26#039;t protect you much

pants: nike bauer and ccm are the best i%26#039;ve owned... you can bearly feel them while skating...

skates: this is always a hard question to answer unless you ask which brand you are looking into because it%26#039;s all about personal preference. if you want a skate that%26#039;s very formable to your foot%26#039;s shape, get graf skates.

this is definitly not the best answer you%26#039;ll get... lol

oh yea, and for a stick.. there%26#039;s millions of kinds of sticks.

for a light stick, easton, nike bauer, or the new ccm stick, for an amazing %26quot;kick%26quot; in your stick, warrior... rbk%26#039;s are mostly bull crap... but i like the 9k one.. not only for the holes, it%26#039;s light, durable, and perfect for bullet slap shots

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How to bake your hockey skates??

I bought a brand new pair of easton skates size 4.5.Can. They baked it for me and i out my skate on and tightened it up. But now, i want to rebake them becuz at that time, my skates were a bit looose and i was a beginner, so i need to change how my foots fits in the skate. Can anyone tell me how i bake my skates?

Can you put it in a toaster oven? How long do you bake them for? What temp? For both skates?

PLease help

How to bake your hockey skates??
go back to the place where you got them baked, that would be the safest thing to do

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How good are outdoor quad roller skates?

I%26#039;ve always loved skating. Nowadays, it seems roller blades are everywhere. I do have a pair, but it seemed like skating in regular skates was easier. When I was a kid, I had a pair of roller skates. I think I brought them to the rink sometimes, but I remember trying them outside. It seemed like every little rock on the pavement would cause my skate to want to stop. Kinda like when you try to pull a pallet jack and a piece of wood gets in front of the wheels. Do the special outdoor skates prevent this? I want a skate that isn%26#039;t going to be effected by tiny little rocks outside. Otherwise, it wouldn%26#039;t be worth it.

How good are outdoor quad roller skates?
Go to and ask your question in the forums there.. They are fantastic at answering questions just like yours... They know their stuff and will recommend what kind of wheels are best for outdoors. It%26#039;s all in the wheel type..I disagree with the other answer %26quot;you have to use inlines for outside skating%26quot; .... They have a whole section selling outdoor skates (that also are used indoor as well) ... .I myself have just recently decided to get back into the quads instead of inlines.... so have been researching a bit and I just found the website..They sell skates but also have a forum to ask questions.. . . Check it out.. (oh and be careful - it%26#039;s dot CA .... ..not dot com... the .com address is a porn site.!!)
Reply:just saw They have quadline skates! Report It

Reply:You need to get in-line skates to use them outside
Reply:I haven%26#039;t seen or used what you call %26quot;outdoor quad%26quot; roller skates. I have tried roller blades %26amp; find them too hard on my ankles %26amp; difficult to control. I learned to skate on 4 wheels %26amp; this is second nature to me. When you hit a rock, you learn how to do quick little movements that should keep your body OFF the sidewalk! I have used wood, metal, %26amp; plastic wheels on my skates over the past 50 years %26amp; it is the person who wears the skates that makes all the difference in the kind of ride they end up having. If you expect things to be smooth, then stay on an indoor track or a parking lot that gets cleaned often. Fall %26amp; winter are not very good times to go skating due to the leaves %26amp; tree limbs that litter the sidewalks!

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For figure skates, what radius would i need to sharpen my skates up to since i am a recreational skater.?

%26quot;For figure skates, please indicate your preferred radius for free skate, dance, combination or figure skating.%26quot;

what does that mean?

For figure skates, what radius would i need to sharpen my skates up to since i am a recreational skater.?
The sharpener is asking how you want your skates sharpened. Many advanced skaters have a preference.

Is this the first time you%26#039;re having your skates sharpened, or have you had them sharpened before. If they%26#039;ve been sharpened before, you can simply say, %26quot;please match what I have%26quot;, and they%26#039;ll do that.

If they haven%26#039;t been sharpened before, and you don%26#039;t have a preference, you could just tell them that you don%26#039;t know, as you%26#039;re a recreational skater. It%26#039;s not a big deal. If all you do is recreational skating, that%26#039;s probably closest to %26quot;free skate%26quot;, so you could specify that if you wanted.

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